Welcome to NYSUT

A Message from Marc Laffer, NYSUT Tarrytown Regional Staff Director:

Welcome to NYSUT and the Tarrytown Regional Office (TRO).  The TRO is one of 16 field offices throughout New York State and we provide services for over 39,000 members in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange Counties. In addition, we provide support to local NYSUT unions in New York City.

The Tarrytown Regional Office is the largest NYSUT field office in the state.  All affiliated bargaining units in the region are assigned a Labor Relations Specialist (LRS); there are 14 in the TRO.  From contract negotiations and enforcement to handling all legal matters, the LRS works closely with your local president on all day-to-day issues that impact NYSUT members.  The LRS also conducts training for the union officers, representatives and the members within your local.

The TRO also has a Regional Political Organizer who works closely with the locals in all activities related to Political Action.  These activities include all state and national campaigns and local activities aimed at passing school budgets and electing education friendly School Board Members.

In addition, we have a Member Benefits Representative who will be available to help you find insurance or other benefits that fit your needs.  Over the upcoming year, you will receive information on how you can participate in the benefits that NYSUT has to offer.  The office has five Administrative Assistants who work closely with all Tarrytown staff to ensure quality service to all members of the region.

Below you will find a great deal of useful information about your rights and the benefits of being a NYSUT member.

Congratulations on your new job and welcome to NYSUT.

  • New Member Checklist:  To take full advantage of what the union has to offer you, the TRO developed a checklist for new members.  Download the PDF to see the checklist. New Member Checklist 

  • NYSUT Enrollment Form: You should have received either an electronic or paper enrollment form from your Local President.  If you have not, please contact them immediately so you can sign up to become a NYSUT member.

  • What Every NYSUT Member Should Know is a helpful guide that talks about everything NYSUT.  To download the guide, click here.      

  • Union Chart – Your local is connected to state and national labor affiliates.  To see how your local connects to NYSUT and the AFT, download this PDF file.  Union Organizational Chart
  • Member Benefits – NYSUT members and their families have access to dozens of endorsed programs available through NYSUT Member Benefits, including auto, homeowners and life insurance; vision and dental plans; legal and financial services; hotel and vacation discounts; car and truck rental discounts; competitive savings rates; discounted sports and concert tickets; theme park discounts; and much more.  To see special offers available for new members, click here.  To see all the benefits available, download the Quick Guide

  • NYSUT membership: What it means for you.                                            

  • Your Dues Dollar at Work: To find out how your dues dollars are broken down, please download the PDF.  Functional Dues Dollar 

  • Tarrytown Learning Center (TLC):  The NYSUT Tarrytown Regional Office offers members the opportunity to participate in no-cost professional development. For more information, click here.
  • Next Generation NYSUT is designed to help our newest members establish themselves in their careers and assure they have the necessary resources and support from their union to be successful.  To learn more, click the icon.                                                                                          
  • The NYSUT Member Action Center (MAC), developed in 2012, is a Website designed for NYSUT members to encourage and facilitate cyber lobbying on key state and federal legislative proposals and issues.  To learn more about the MAC and to sign up, please download the PDF.  Member Action Center
  • VOTE-COPE:  Your statewide union has a political fund-raising arm called VOTE-COPE. VOTE-COPE is NYSUT’s non-partisan action fund that coordinates the voluntary contributions of members and supports NYSUT-endorsed candidates and campaign committees that are pro-public-education and pro-labor.  No NYSUT dues dollars are used to support candidates or campaign committees.

    NYSUT sends rebates to local unions based on a percentage (up to 40 percent) of the contributions VOTE-COPE receives from that local union’s members. Those rebates can be used in local activities such as school board races and for passage of school budgets.

    Last year, your colleagues contributed nearly $12 million to VOTE-COPE. You can ask your local president how to participate.