Welcome to the Tarrytown Learning Center Website, where you can find information regarding the NYSUT Tarrytown Regional Office (TRO) and the training we offer.  The TRO is one of 16 field offices throughout New York State and we provide services for over 39,000 members in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange Counties.  In addition, we provide support to local NYSUT unions in New York City.

The Tarrytown Office is the largest NYSUT field office in the state. All affiliated bargaining units in the region are assigned a Labor Relations Specialists (LRS); there are 15 in the TRO.  The LRS works with the Local Presidents to assist them in all components of representation.  This includes assistance in all legal and education law or civil service law matters. The Labor Relations Specialists also conduct local and regional training for the officers, representatives and members within your local.

The office also has a Regional Political Organizer who works closely with the locals in all activities related to Political Action.  These activities include all state and national campaigns and local activities aimed at passing school budgets and electing education friendly School Board Members. 

In addition, we have a Member Benefits Representative who will be available to help you find insurance or other benefits that fit your needs. Over the upcoming year you will receive information on how you can participate in the benefits that NYSUT has to offer.

The office has a support staff of five who work closely with all Tarrytown staff to ensure quality service to all members of the region.

This website contains information on union training, professional development seminars, and information that will help you navigate your first days and months as a NYSUT member.

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