2022 Fall Seminars

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*All virtual and in-person seminars will begin at 4:30 PM.

**Online Seminars: There are two online seminars listed below.  Participants have thirty (30) days from the day access is granted to complete and upload all the assignments.  An experienced instructor will provide feedback and coaching.  At the end of the thirty days, participants who successfully complete the requirements will receive a grade of Pass and a certificate of completion.  If not, a grade of Fail will be entered.  Please be mindful when registering, which seminar you are registering for.

Helping English Learners Succeed with a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) Framework 

Online Seminar for Teachers

10/03/2022 – November 2, 2022

In a highly political climate of compliance in schools and a growing diversity in schools, teachers are required more than ever to implement culturally sustaining evidenced-based models of support that address the needs of students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) and those with disabilities.  In the past, teachers have waited for students to fail before referring them to the student support team in their schools.  Today, MTSS offers a prevention approach rather than a “wait to fail” method as it provides appropriate and responsive instruction for multilingual learners (MLLs) with and without disabilities in schools.  In this seminar, you will look at how MTSS offers a tiered system of culturally-sustaining instructional practices, data-informed problem solving and academic and linguistic progress monitoring to address the needs of all learners, specifically those of multilingual learners with disabilities.  (5 hours)  


 Intervention and Identification: Supporting ELLs with Ability Differences

Online Seminar for Teachers   

11/07/2022 – 12/07/2022   

Although all students demonstrate a wide range of strengths, needs and social characteristics, the increasing diversity among English language learners (ELLs) presents puzzling questions for education professionals.  This is especially true of ELLs who, despite receiving appropriate language-related supports and services, still do not demonstrate adequate growth or achievement in school.  In these cases, we ask the question: Is this issue related to language acquisition or to disability?  In this online seminar, you will explore critical issues related to interventions for ELLs who present unique learning challenges, as well as the assessment and disability identification processes which occur once intervention is proven ineffective.  (5 hours)


**In-Person Seminars:  There are seven (7) in-person seminars listed below.  These seminars will be held at the Tarrytown Regional Office.  For address and directions please click here.

Restorative Practices: Promoting a Positive School Culture and Climate 

In-Person Seminar for Teachers and SRPs


This seminar provides an overview of discipline disparities, restorative practices and ways to promote positive discipline in schools.  RP examines recent data collected on disciplinary trends by the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.  Key ideas and components of Restorative Practice are presented.  Research and reasons for using restorative practices as an alternative to suspensions and other punitive approaches to misbehavior are explored.  This seminar will offer educator’s strategies to engage in restorative questioning dialogue, tier I restorative circles, community building and restorative conversations.  (3 hours)


Transitional Shifts

In-Person Seminar for SRPs 


Explore communication tools that still are vital to instruction after the pandemic. Learn strategies to support students returning to the classroom including SEL check ins. Seek ways to keep home and work separate and apply procedures if learning shifts return back to remotely. (2 hours)


Understanding our Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Students

In-Person Seminar for Teachers and SRPs


Transgender and nonbinary students have been a part of our classrooms for years. For many educators, the unique needs of these students raise challenging and confusing issues. This seminar introduces and explores strategies and resources from GLSEN. Educators will be able to draw upon best practices to meet the needs of all students and ultimately make classrooms saver, affirming and more inclusive for transgender and nonbinary students. (2.5 hours)


SEL in Action: Using Evidence Based Strategies to Address Behavior and Learning Needs in the Classroom

In-Person Seminar for SRPs


This session will engage participants the opportunity to put the five CASEL competencies into action.  First specific strategies and activity ideas will be reviewed in connection to the self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship, skills, responsible decision-making competencies.  Then a variety of K-12th grade scenarios and role play situations will be introduced, allowing participants to assess the needs of students, work, cooperatively to connect teaching practices, and construct activities that would strengthen the SEL skills of the students.  Use of the NYS SEL benchmarks will also be integrated to support teachers in their own classroom planning. (3 hours) 


Practical and Promising Classroom Management

In-Person Seminar for Teachers
11/30/2022                                                                                                                          Learn how to establish a framework for developing a personal system of classroom management that includes organizing the classroom to facilitate learning for all students.  This seminar will model and investigate several conditions that are integral to an effectively managed classroom.  (2 hours)

Empowering New Teachers for Success during the Pandemic

In-Person Seminar for Teachers 


It’s been challenging for teachers especially new teachers to navigate through the pandemic.  This seminar provides a forum for new teachers to discuss the challenges experienced during the pandemic.  Participants will be provided with practical tips and strategies to help them continue to grow as new teachers.  (2 hours)


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

In-Person Seminar for SRPs


What does this really mean for me, my classroom and my district?  The Board of Regents launched an initiative to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools across New York State. The Board expects that all school districts will develop policies that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion- and that they implement such policies with fidelity and urgency. This seminar introduces DEI to better understand the framework passed by the NYS Board of Regents in May. It provides a forum to discuss how DEI can be incorporated in your teaching practices and in the school culture and climate.  (2 hours)


**Virtual Seminars: There are ten (10) virtual seminars listed below.  These are live web-based seminars.  

How Can We Help Our Youth After a Traumatic Event

Virtual Seminar for Teachers


Who needs more support?  Which of our youth face the greatest risk of mental illness?  How can educator’s influence children’s experiences after traumatic events to promote wellness?  This seminar will help educators identify the risk factors for developing mental illness following a crisis event and how to investigate evidence-based practices for promoting student healing.  (3 hours)


Positive Parent Teacher Communication 

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
This seminar engages educators in reviewing the benefits of having consistent and positive parental/guardian involvement and communication.  The seminar will address: tips for developing positive relationships with parents, importance of effective and timely communication and more! (3 hours)

Call to Action: Proactive Union Engagement in the Workplace

Virtual Seminar for New Teachers
Call to Action: Proactive Union Engagement in the Workplace and Community (Common Sense for Economics) is designed for all workers (union or non-union) to understand why this economy is not working for working people and that the economy is not inevitable, but is shaped by policy.  The tool’s main goal is to immediately connect people to action and put participants in the driver’s seat to start changing the direction of this economy.  In addition, the program highlights the importance of labor-movements in history.  (2 hours)

Workplace Bullying

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Workplace bullying is pervasive in the United States and is especially so in school settings, where employees report being bullied at nearly three times the national average.  Bullying behavior may take many forms, including threats and even physical violence, and has a devastating effect on worker well-being and quality of life.  In this seminar, participants will learn how to recognize bullying behavior in the school workplace setting and practice strategies to stop and prevent it.  Also covered will be a range of individual, union and institutional strategies for addressing the problem.  (3 hours)

Family Engagement with Equity in Mind

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Fifty years of research highlight the benefits of engaged families for student success and school improvement.  Unfortunately, widespread improvement in how we view and engage with families, particularly for nondominant families (defined as “those impacted by systemic oppression, such as marginalization based on race, class language or immigration status”) have been slow to take shape.  However, according to researcher Dr. Karen Mapp, “due to the pandemic, family engagement is finally being recognized as a core strategic component of any intentional effort to provide equitable and excellent educational opportunities for all children.”  This session will examine challenges to equity-based family engagement including deficit-based views of families, suggest practices and approaches to foster meaningful engagement with families, and recommendations for systems change for schools to implement. (3 hours)  

SRP Communication: Skills for Effective Speaking and Listening

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
School-related professionals are required to master many skills.  In this seminar participants will learn to: identify roles of an effective communicator; practice active listening skills that promote group collaboration, support and trust; recognize ways in which information is communicated nonverbally; and practice supporting skills for overcoming resistances.  (3 hours)

Accelerate Learning through Embedded Assessment with Digital/Tech Tools

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
This virtual seminar will explore how digital tools can be used to facilitate embedded assessment practices that empower the learner and accelerate the learning process.  Participants will reflect on their own instructional goals and set standards-based learning targets.  The workshop will then investigate best practices for pairing the “right” instructional technology with these targets in a variety of learning contexts.  Strategies will also be presented for using technology to establish classroom routines that will help promote student engagement and goal setting.  Assessment can be a valuable mode of communication in the classroom community and this workshop will demonstrate how digital tools can be used to effectively design relevant, embedded formative assessments that provide meaningful feedback to both teachers and students.  (3 hours)

Violent Incidences: What Can We Do?

Virtual Seminar for New Teachers and SRPs
How should you approach violent incidents as a union member? This seminar will discuss health and safety in the workplace, hazard identification, school code of conduct and more! The session will also discuss the laws and regulations that dictate responses to incidents in the educational setting. (2hours)

Working Safely in Schools: Preventing Illness and Injuries When Toileting Students

Virtual Seminar for SRPs 
This seminar discusses the precautions to take to prevent exposures and injuries.  The seminar will focus on exposure to diseases and transmission.  Also highlighted are the components of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and its enforcement, the physical risks of manual lifting and what equipment and devices can eliminate risks.  Tips will be provided to SRPs about the tools that can help them assess equipment needs, as well as strategies for how to approach administration about liability concerns.  (3 hours)

The Cost of Caring: Compassion, Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma

Virtual Seminar for New Teachers and SRPs
It’s been tough the last few years.  Educators take on many roles.  These roles can be stressful, and very overwhelming which can lead to fatigue, and vicarious trauma.  This seminar helps get to the root of the challenges faced by teachers and provides self-care tips and strategies.  (2 hours)