Wellness Seminars

To help members during this anxious time, NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust and the Tarrytown Learning Center, are offering three free virtual seminars and one online seminar highlighting the need for self-care; how to help students succeed emotionally and academically; and practical tips for working from home.

Virtual Seminars:

The Airplane Oxygen Mask Principle

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs


The Airplane Oxygen Mask Principle seminar provides a forum for staff to engage in structured conversations around how to manage their well-being amidst the anxiety, preoccupation and uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus.  This seminar highlights the importance of taking care of yourself before you can effectively take care of others, providing practical mindful strategies that can be used at home or at any location.  (1 hour)

The Juggle

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs


Working from home can have its challenges.  Some of us juggle work, our children, the phone ringing, cooking, interacting with loved ones, interruptions, the list can go on and on.  How can we manage all these distractions and still complete all the demands put on us?  This seminar offers some practical tips to help you get organized.  The seminar will provide you time to create a schedule for your demands at work while providing tips to manage your selfcare.  (1 hour)

Workplace Wellness

Seminar for Teachers 


Why are educators at risk for vicarious (secondary) trauma?  This seminar will engage participants to discuss the unique challenges to wellness found in the education field and understand and practice effective strategies for wellness.  (2 hours)

Online Seminar:

Reducing Stress, Cultivating Calm

Seminar for Teachers

01/10/2022 through 02/09/2022

Research demonstrates that stress has been dramatically increasing in America and it can have an impact on overall health and job satisfaction.  Education is one of the more stressful fields and stress among educators is directly related to absenteeism, burnout, turnover, and early retirement.  Educators have the additional challenge of working with youth who are also experiencing stress at unprecedented levels.  The effects of stress on educators negatively affect the school climate and lead to poor student outcomes, both academically and behaviorally, and become a barrier to learning for students.  In this seminar, participants will explore to effectively manage the increasing demands and stress in their roles as well as how to support students in coping with the stress they are experiencing.  (5 hours)

**This is an online seminar.  Participants have thirty (30) days from the day access is granted to complete and upload all the assignments.  An experienced instructor will provide feedback and coaching.  At the end of the thirty days, participants who successfully complete the requirements will receive a grade of Pass and a certificate of completion.  If not, a grade of Fail will be entered.