Seminars for Teachers

Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Schools

Seminar for Teachers

10/07/2019    Tarrytown 

Special needs students experience many benefits as well as challenges in the classroom.  Some students may resist efforts of teachers and SRPs to support and guide them.  This resistance may be shown in passive ways or in more aggressive ways, such as acting out, tantrums, or even throwing objects.  This seminar will focus on strategies for managing the behavior of students who demonstrate aggressive and disruptive behaviors.  Participants will discuss the need to teach students to take responsibility for their own behavior, review a plan for ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to successfully change their behaviors, and proactive strategies for addressing specific misbehaviors.  Confrontation strategies and strategies such as redirection, cause and effect and overcorrection will be explored and practiced.  (3 hours)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Adjusting the Educational Image

Seminar for Teachers

04/01/2020   Tarrytown

This training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Attention will be given to how these features manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within educational settings.  The seminar goes beyond the core features of the disorders and covers evidence-based, proactive strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASD succeed in schools today.  This workshop fulfills the state requirements for the 3 hour Autism training in the needs of students with Autism pursuant to Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law and Subpart 57-3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  (3 hours)

Classroom Management

Seminar for Teachers

10/16/2019   Tarrytown

Learn how to establish a framework for developing a personal system of classroom management that includes organizing the classroom to facilitate learning for all students.  This seminar will model and investigate several conditions that are integral to an effectively managed classroom.  *New Member Seminar for Teachers with 1-4 years teaching experience.  (2 hours)

Cognitive Engagement: Raising Our Students’ Thinking

Seminar for Teachers

11/14/2019   Pearl River

The ultimate learning environment is rich in engagement.  When learners are engaged they are fully immersed in the learning.  This seminar delves into multiple strategies for educators to create that rich learning environment and motivate our 21st century students.  With cognitive engagement, the students do all the hard work of learning while the teacher is truly a facilitator.  (3 hours)

Collaborative Identification of English Learners with a Disability 

Seminar for Teachers

11/07/2019    Newburgh

Participants will examine the many facets of identifying English learners with special needs.  Federal regulations and New York’s CR Part 154-3 regulations will form the foundation of this session.  Participants will analyze a case study and apply concepts and tools acquired throughout the course.  Enriching discussion will focus on the collaborative process of identifying ELs who have a disability.  Many practical resources and tools will be provided for educators to utilize throughout the collaborative process of identifying ELs with a disability.  (3 hours)

Collegial Collaboration & Action: Addressing Hostile and Aggressive Student Behavior 

Seminar for Teachers

11/20/2019    Tarrytown

This seminar is designed to encourage conversations focused on addressing difficult student behaviors.  Educators will be encouraged to share their own case studies which will be used to review, analyze and discuss evidence based approaches.  Research articles will guide the strategies portion of the seminar.  Participants will also engage in discussions around research and explore alternative strategies that can assist with hostile and aggressive behavior.               (3 hours)

Constructivist Teaching and Learning 

Seminar for Teachers

10/23/2019    Tarrytown

This seminar will address one of the priorities of the NYS Teaching Standards.  Teachers must consider how each student learns.  Understanding what Constructivist Teaching and Learning means in the classroom.  Teachers must implement a variety of instructional strategies.  Participants will explore how students learn when they “build” the learning for themselves.  When students are asked to classify, analyze, predict and create, they begin to think critically and ask questions in order to understand the complex material presented to them in school and in the world.  *New Member Seminar for Teachers with 1-4 years teaching experience. (2 hours)

Co-Teaching: Building the Partnership 

Seminar for Teachers

11/13/2019    Tarrytown

What important things do co-teachers need to know prior to stepping in front of students together?  Participants of this seminar will experience and embed strategies to develop a positive co-teaching partnership, learn how to apply the co-teaching models for various classroom environments, and gain planning strategies to ensure the learning of all students at high levels.  Please bring a laptop or device, headphones and upcoming lessons/unit plans to the session.  It is highly recommended that ENL and content teachers take this seminar with their co-teaching partner.  (3 hours)

Co-Teaching: Strengthening the Collaboration 

Seminar for Teachers

12/03/2019    Tarrytown

You’ve been co-teaching for a while…Now what?  This session aims to provide co-teachers with the “next steps” in co-teaching.  Participants will revisit ways to establish a collaborative relationship that truly represents a shared curriculum.  Co-teachers will walk away with concrete steps for intentional reflection, effective communication, and thoughtful planning.  Beyond this, co-teachers will also become equipped to rise above pitfalls and challenge each other to take their teaching to higher levels, where ALL students are bound to thrive.  Please bring a laptop or device, headphones and upcoming lessons/unit plans to the session.  It is highly recommended that ENL and content teachers take this seminar with their co-teaching partner.  (3 hours)

Crafting a Learning Community for Classroom Discussions

Seminar for Teachers

01/09/2020   Tarrytown

Effective and powerful classroom discussions do not just occur; they require a learning community that fosters their development.  The use of different types of norms, selected scaffolds, and knowledge of the stages and continuum of classroom discussion are explored.  (3 hours)

Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Seminar for Teachers

10/23/2019   Pearl River

In order to meet the needs of our diverse student population, educators must possess the mindset and skills needed to foster a positive learning environment for all students as it is critical to their academic success.  Culturally responsive instructional practices honor and support this diversity, connecting learning to students’ cultural and linguistic background while building on prior experiences.  As a result, educators create an inclusive environment that is accessible and relatable to all students.  (3 hours)

Creating a Positive Environment

Seminar for Teachers

10/30/2019   Newburgh

A positive classroom environment is a major component of effective teaching.  When students are comfortable in a learning situation, the likelihood for success is greatly increased.  This seminar will address verbal communication, positive phrasing, motivation theory, and learner needs.  Activities will help participants to integrate these topics in their instructional practices.  *New Member Seminar for Teachers with 1-4 years teaching experience. (2 hours)

Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Students

Seminar for Teachers

04/28/2020   Tarrytown

This seminar encourages discussions and provides a deeper awareness of the supports needed for LGBTQ students to thrive.  We will review national statistics from GLSEN’s 2017 National School Climate Survey, share resources and tools for creating an inclusive school environment, and focus on how educators can create classrooms free of bullying and harassment for LGBTQ students.  (3 hours)  (This seminar was previously titled Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Environments for all Students)

Designing Effective Instruction and Learning for English Learners

Seminar for Teachers

11/21/2019  Newburgh

03/18/2020  Pearl River

The five high-leverage principles presented in this seminar synthesize the work of leading scholars and educators and reflect basic practices that can improve teaching and learning for English learners across the content areas.  Participants will examine evidence-based instructional strategies that can be incorporated into daily lesson plans and routines as well as determine effective ways to teach and assess both language and disciplinary content.  (3 hours)

Differentiated Instruction: Connecting with All Learners

Seminar for Teachers  

12/04/2019   Pearl River

This session raises awareness of research that supports instructional differentiation and examines the basic elements of two differentiation models.  The seminar addresses the planning, teaching and learning aspects of differentiated instruction that all teachers may experience.  (3 hours)

Discipline Strategies

Seminar for Teachers

02/11/2020   Newburgh

This seminar takes a comprehensive look at student-centered discipline and offers a plan of action for teachers to establish a positive classroom learning environment.  Teachers learn how to set expectations and design strategies to prevent discipline problems from occurring.  *New Member Seminar for Teachers with 1-4 years teaching experience. (2 hours)

Educating English Learners in Elementary Classrooms

Seminar for Teachers 

12/03/2019   Pearl River  

This seminar, designed for elementary teachers, focuses on language acquisition and the challenges ELLs at different proficiency levels face in the mainstream classroom.  Teachers will experience a variety of research-based strategies and modifications, and learn how to apply them in lesson plans that foster the academic achievement of ELLs in their classes.  (3 hours)

Engaging the Disruptive Student

Seminar for Teachers  

02/12/2020   Pearl River

What can you do when you have students who disrupt the learning in your classroom?  This seminar will discuss the many strategies to enhance personal effectiveness with disruptive students and get students learning back on track.       (3 hours)

Gang Awareness: Empowering Educators

Seminar for Teachers

04/23/2020   Newburgh

Societal pressures follow students into schools every day.  This seminar focuses on the significant challenges that students confront in and outside of schools, including the complex reasons students engage in harmful social relationships, specifically gang activity.  As a result, students find it difficult to focus on academics when they have legitimate concerns about their safety.  This program addresses how gang involvement impacts the community, academic achievement and the day to day running of schools.  The learning environment is a crucial indicator of student success.  This training empowers educators with proactive strategies to assist in engaging “at-risk” students in healthy and positive ways that leads to building strong relationships and student learning.  (3 hours)

Growth Mindset, Growing Minds to Achieve Success

Seminar for Teachers  

01/13/2020   Newburgh

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work – brains and talent are just the starting point.  This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.  Virtually all great people have had these qualities. ~ Dr. Dweck.

Motivating students to have a growth mindset is crucial in developing active, confident learners.  This seminar explores how to develop an environment that encourages a growth mindset, discusses growth vs. fixed mindset and engages participants on how to sustain mindset changes in the classroom.  (3 hours)

Guiding Struggling Readers

Seminar for Teachers

01/22/2020   Newburgh

Becoming a competent reader and writer is essential for student success.  The Balanced Literacy Approach begins with reading aloud and continues until students have developed the strategies to become independent readers.  Along the way, those students who are struggling with reading must be guided.  This seminar will identify the behaviors of struggling readers and suggest strategies needed to assist students in comprehending narrative and expository text.  This program will discuss strategies to improve student literacy.  Finally, how they can be implemented in classroom instruction to help struggling readers self-monitor their reading.               (3 hours)

Inclusive Curriculum: Incorporating LGBTQ Topics into the Curriculum

Seminar for Teachers

01/08/2020  Pearl River

GLSEN Research found that LGBTQ students who attend schools with curriculum that is inclusive of LGBTQ people, history, and events have more accepting schools and better academic outcomes.  Furthermore, inclusive curriculum can benefit all students by exposing them to more inclusive and accurate accounts of history and promoting respect.  This seminar provides educators with GLSEN’s resources and LGBTQ-inclusive lessons that can be integrated into their existing curriculum.  The goal of the seminar is to better understand the benefits of inclusive curriculum for all students and to provide awareness of tools and resources that align with current mandates, yet enrich instruction for all students.  (3 hours)  (This seminar was previously titled Incorporating LGBTQ Topics or Resources into the Curriculum) 

Increasing Family Engagement to Promote the Achievement of ELLs

Seminar for Teachers

02/04/2020  Tarrytown

What are some approaches educators can use to develop effective partnerships with bilingual families?  In this session, you will examine ways to increase family engagement and improve the home-school connection with the families of our English learners.  Time will be provided to create a parent engagement plan to target specific academic outcomes for ELLs.  (3 hours)

Instructional Supports for English Language Learners

Seminar for Teachers  

02/05/2020   Newburgh 

English Language Learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student population in schools, and they must be considered when NYS ELA and Math Standards are being implemented.  Geared for general education teachers, this seminar will help participants design effective content-area instruction while they explore research-based strategies, instructional guidelines and resources for helping ELLs succeed.  (3 hours)

Language Acquisition & Learning

Seminar for Teachers

02/04/2020  Pearl River

How does language development affect learning?  Through exposure to research literature and information on language acquisition theory, you will gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of language and learning.  Educators will be guided to reflect on how language development affects instruction and learning in their own classrooms.  (3 hours)

Medical Trauma: Concussions in Schools, What Educators Should Know

Seminar for Teachers

02/13/2020   Newburgh

Each year, hundreds of K-12 students sustain a concussion as a result of a fall, motor vehicle crash, collision on the playground or sports field, or some other activity.  Most will recover quickly and fully.  However, as school professionals, we will often be challenged with helping a student who may be experiencing concussion symptoms return to school.  This seminar will engage participants in understanding what a concussion is, it’s prevalence, symptoms and recovery time, as well as symptom-based strategies, academic adjustments, accommodations and modifications.  (3 hours)

Planning for the Success for ELLs in Content Classes

Seminar for Teachers

01/23/2020   Pearl River

This seminar provides the opportunity to examine research-based strategies and approaches that assist ELLs in meeting rigorous grade-level standards through a step-by-step breakdown of the lesson planning process that includes scaffolded language and content objectives. Participants will experience a variety of motivating and engaging instructional strategies that can be strategically applied to lesson plans as a way to increase academic language production and content comprehension for ELLs.  (3 hours)

Positive Parent-Teacher Communication

Seminar for Teachers

02/25/2020   Tarrytown

This seminar engages educators in reviewing the benefits of having consistent and positive parental/guardian involvement and communication.  The seminar will address: tips for developing positive relationships with parents, importance of effective and timely communication and more!  (3 hours)

Professionals in Education: Growth & Development

Seminar for Teachers

04/29/2020   Pearl River

This seminar engages participants in delving into examining the Danielson or NYSUT rubric around professionalism, more specifically honing in on the effective and highly effective language around developing positive student and family relationships, student behavior, working with families and navigating the school environment as a whole.  (3 hours)

Restorative Practices (RP): Promoting a Positive School Culture and Climate

Seminar for Teachers

03/05/2020   Tarrytown

This seminar provides an overview of discipline disparities, restorative practices and ways to promote positive discipline in schools.  Restorative Practices examines recent data collected on disciplinary trends by the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.  Key ideas and components of Restorative Practice are presented.  Research and reasons for using restorative practices as an alternative to suspensions and other punitive approaches to misbehavior are explored.  This seminar will offer educators strategies to engage in restorative questioning, dialogue and tier I restorative circles.  (3 hours)

Standing Up to Workplace Bullying

Seminar for Teachers

03/24/2020   Tarrytown

Workplace bullying is pervasive in the United States and is especially so in school settings, where employees report being bullied at nearly three times the national average.  Bullying behavior may take many forms, including threats and even physical violence, and has a devastating effect on worker well-being and quality of life.  In this seminar, participants will learn how to recognize bullying behavior in the school workplace setting and practice strategies to stop and prevent it.  Also covered will be a range of individual, union and institutional strategies for addressing the problem.  (3 hours)

Strategies for Student Engagement

Seminar for Teachers

10/30/2019   Tarrytown

This seminar addresses one of the most critical instructional practices upon which student success is based.  Teachers new to the profession may be challenged in how to plan for this in their everyday teaching.  The seminar will focus on strategies that will help them sustain wonder, enthusiasm and perseverance.  This seminar will provide a practical model for understanding what our students want and need in their classrooms.  *New Member Seminar for Teachers with 1-4 years teaching experience.  (2 hours)

Supporting and Sustaining Social-Emotional Needs of English Learners Who Experience Trauma

Seminar for Teachers  

04/14/2020   Pearl River

This seminar, designed for all educators who work with English Language Learners (ELLs), will address the multitude of trauma that many ELLs have experienced prior to, and since, their arrival to the US.  Immigration, under the best of circumstances, involves separation, loss and challenges to one’s identity.  Many of our recently-arrived ELLs present with traumatic stressors most educators have not dealt with before.  Participants will leave this seminar with strategies to help students who have experienced trauma, tools to support ELLs’ social and emotional healing, growth and well-being, and ways to build trusting relationships with this fragile cohort.  (3 hours)   

The Impact of Culture on Student Achievement

Seminar for Teachers

10/29/2019   Pearl River

03/03/2020   Newburgh

In addition to learning a new language, ELLs have to adjust to a new environment and culture while learning new academic skills and content knowledge.  Explore the impact of culture on academic achievement, and identify factors that contribute to a culturally responsive classroom in this engaging session.  (3 hour)

Trauma Awareness in Education: Supporting Resiliency and Preventing Conflict

Seminar for Teachers  

02/26/2020     Newburgh

Increasingly our students experience exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events, such as child abuse, neglect, and exposure to domestic violence.  This experience directly affects their social and emotional development and negatively impacts their behavior and academic growth in school.  It is becoming more common that educators are faced with the challenges of connecting with, and educating, students who have endured complex trauma.  Often the hurt that is felt by the student is placed on the educator and it can manifest in a variety of ways.  This seminar will engage participants in understanding the roots of trauma, its prevalence and causes, the characteristics and associated behaviors, as well as learning how to work with traumatized students in a proactive and positive way.  (3 hours)

Understanding English Language Learners

Seminar for Teachers  

10/24/2019     Newburgh

As a teacher, what can you do with students in your class who are learning English?  How can you help them succeed?  This seminar focuses on understanding the stages of verbal acquisition and identifying variables that influence the language acquisition process for ELLs.  Strategies that have been shown to successfully engage ELLs are examined and instructional and assessment accommodations are demonstrated.  (2 hours)