Seminars for SRP’s


5 Tips to Diffuse Difficult Behaviors in Today’s Schools

Seminar for SRPs   

10/17/2019   Tarrytown

10/18/2019   Newburgh

Educators are often confronted with challenging, disruptive and sometimes violent behaviors from students. These challenges can create a negative school culture that impacts teaching, student achievement as well as morale amongst students and staff. This seminar will provide opportunities for school staff to learn and practice evidence-based, proven-effective strategies to work with challenging behaviors in positive, proactive ways. (3 hours) 

Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Schools

Seminar for SRPs 

04/09/2019   Newburgh

Special needs students experience many benefits as well as challenges in the classroom. Some students may resist efforts of teachers and SRPs to support and guide them. This resistance may be shown in passive ways or in more aggressive ways, such as acting out, tantrums, or even throwing objects.  This seminar will focus on strategies for managing the behavior of students who demonstrate aggressive and disruptive behaviors.  Participants will discuss the need to teach students to take responsibility for their own behavior, review a plan for ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to successfully change their behaviors, and practice strategies for addressing specific misbehaviors. Confrontation strategies and strategies such as redirection cause and effect, and overcorrection will be explored and practiced. (3 hours)

ADHD Strategies

Seminar for SRPs

12/06/2018   Newburgh

02/26/2019   Pearl River

03/28/2019   Tarrytown

The number of students in our classrooms diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other attention difficulties has increased dramatically. The symptoms can disrupt the child’s learning and affect their relationships with peers and adults. This seminar is designed to help the school-related professional achieve a better understanding of ADHD and provide intervention strategies to facilitate positive student behavior. (3 hours)

Aim High: A Proactive, Positive Environment for Student Achievement

Seminar for SRPs 

03/07/2019   Newburgh

Closing the achievement gap among all students requires addressing all factors that influence their achievement and behavior including: classroom learning, school climate, and motivation theory. In this seminar, participants will learn that a positive educational environment is a major ingredient of effective schools. Participants will examine research-based techniques that empower “at risk” students, decrease problem behavior, and improve student achievement in general. When the environment is engaging, the likelihood for success is greatly increased. (2 hours)

Bully, Bullied or Bystander**

Seminar for SRPs

01/10/2019   Pearl River

This seminar provides an overview of the Dignity For All Students Act and its impact on the school environment. It includes a definition of the various types of bullying, the roles and responsibilities of people involved in bullying – bully, victim, bystander-and strategies to help prevent or decrease bullying.  (3 hours)

 **This seminar does not fulfill the Dignity Act (DASA) mandate.

Cognitive Strategies and Engagement

Seminar for SRPs 

02/12/2019   Newburgh   

The ultimate learning environment is rich in engagement. When learners are engaged they are fully immersed in the learning. This seminar delves into multiple strategies for educators to create that rich learning environment and motivate our 21st century students. With cognitive engagement the students do all the hard work of learning while the teacher is truly a facilitator. (3 hours)

Conflict Management

Seminar for SRPs 

10/24/2018   Pearl River

Conflicts are normal and unavoidable occurrences in our everyday lives. Most of these are minor and easily resolved. participants will address the benefits and disadvantages of conflict, key factors to be considered in resolving conflicts, and strategies for managing and resolving conflicts. (3 hours)

Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment-Violence Prevention

Seminar for SRPs 

12/04/2018   Pearl River

12/06/2018   Tarrytown  

This seminar will offer strategies for dealing with students who exhibit chronic and extreme misbehavior, including violence. Participants will learn what motivates students to misbehave, intervention techniques to use at the moment of misbehavior, how to avoid and defuse confrontations, and ways to reinforce desirable behavior. (3 hours)

Disability Awareness     

Seminar for SRPs

12/11/2018   Tarrytown

12/12/2018  Pearl River

SRPs often work with students who are identified as having one of the thirteen disability categories. This seminar will provide participants with a general understanding of the thirteen disability categories and key concepts related to the education of students with disabilities.  Participants will experience what it is like to have a disability and learn strategies for improving student learning and behavior. (3 hours)

Educators Valuing Diversity

Seminar for SRPs

12/18/2018   Tarrytown

12/19/2018   Pearl River  

This seminar is designed to help teachers educate their students who will be living in a world of diverse communities. It will promote awareness of global differences while identifying shared values. It encourages the understanding of one’s own culture as the doorway to understanding other cultures. (2 hours)

Family Partnerships to Improve Classroom Behavior

Seminar for SRPs

01/16/2019   Tarrytown 

01/17/2019   Newburgh

This seminar engages educators in discussing the benefits of having consistent and positive family school partnerships through frequent communication.  Family Partnerships to Improve Classroom Behavior focuses on how educators can improve and enhance classroom behaviors and relationships with the students and families they serve.

Increasing Comprehension of ELLs

Seminar for SRPs 

10/23/2018   Pearl River

Many SRPs work with English Language Learners (ELLs) on a daily basis. The seminar helps SRPs to understand the NYS regulations for identifying and providing services to ELLs, examine cultural factors that affect instruction for ELLs, and explore strategies for making academic content accessible to ELLs.  (3 hours)

Increasing Family Engagement for Academic Success of ELLs

Seminar for SRPs

10/23/2018  Newburgh   SRPs

What are some approaches educators can use to develop effective partnerships with bilingual families?  In this session, you will examine ways to increase family engagement and improve the home-school connection with the families of our English learners.  Time will be provided to create a parent engagement plan to target specific academic outcomes for ELLs.  (3 hours)

Learning Preferences: Four Styles for Success

Seminar for SRPs

01/29/2019   Newburgh

Adults and students learn in at least four different ways. In this seminar participants will examine four learning preferences or modes: kinesthetic, tactual, auditory and visual. Through a variety of experiential activities participants will assess their own comfort levels in the four modes and rate their learning strengths in each. The importance of adapting classroom support to address these preferences is embedded throughout the seminar. (3 hours)

Managing Student Behavior

Seminar for SRPs 

11/13/2018   Pearl River

11/15/2018   Tarrytown

This seminar provides effective strategies for communicating expectations to students, creating an environment in which appropriate behaviors are more likely to occur, and helping students learn to make appropriate choices. (3 hours)

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Seminar for SRPs

01/30/2019   Tarrytown   SRPs

01/31/2019   Pearl River  SRPs

Participants will explore the definition of mindfulness and how it relates to whole child instruction in the classroom.  Scenarios and strategies will be used to introduce techniques that will address trauma and other factors that may lead to stress felt by today’s students and/or educators.  The seminar’s interactive activities will model how these techniques can be implemented in a teacher’s practice.  The content will be mindful of the diverse learners and backgrounds present in a classroom.  Participants will have an opportunity to prepare next steps needed to integrate mindfulness into their daily routines.  (3 hours)

Motivating Students Through Music: A Whole Child Approach

Seminar for SRPs   

05/01/2019   Tarrytown   

This seminar will seek to enhance the skills and knowledge needed to empower educators to impact the lives of students inside and outside of the classroom through music, lyrics, and poetry. Music speaks to the heart of caring individuals when faced with struggles and hardship in the school setting. Words are the key to bring about change in the life of a child. Motivating Students Through Music: A Whole Child Approach empowers educators to use the arts to engage students in learning and to promote positive behavior. (3 hours)

Our World, Our Students

Seminar for SRPs 

04/03/2019   Tarrytown

04/04/2019   Newburgh   

This seminar helps SRPs become familiar with students’ cultural abilities and needs in order to create a more conducive learning environment. Educators will engage in discussions of the importance of involving all students in the learning process while demonstrating how they can use cultural connections to assist students in appreciating each other’s strengths.  (3 hours)

Poverty and its Effect on Learning

Seminar for SRPs

03/27/2019 Tarrytown

This seminar explores the effects of poverty and other socioeconomic issues, on student learning.  Focus will be centered on six types of poverty: generational, situational, absolute, relative, urban and rural.  The training will engage participants in various activities that will assist them in understanding how to effectively work with students from low socioeconomic status.  During the program participants will discuss and examine how poverty affects learning, the importance of building relationships, connecting with the community, and creating a classroom environment that promotes learning through research-based practices.  (3 hours)

Ps and Cues: Planning, Prioritizing, Performing

Seminar for SRPs

03/14/2019   Tarrytown   

In this seminar, participants will identify factors that make it difficult to complete tasks during the workday; use cues to prioritize activities; learn tips for managing details and distractions, and recognize the value of goal-setting as a first step in completing multiple tasks effectively. (3 hours)

Restorative Practices (RP): Promoting a Positive School Culture and Climate

Seminar for SRPs

03/21/2019   Pearl River  SRPs

This seminar provides an overview of discipline disparities, restorative practices and ways to promote positive discipline in schools.  Restorative Practices examines recent data collected on disciplinary trends by the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.  Key ideas and components of Restorative Practice are presented.  Research and reasons for using restorative practices as an alternative to suspensions and other punitive approaches to misbehavior are explored.  This seminar will offer educators strategies to engage in restorative questioning, dialogue and tier I restorative circles.  (3 hours)

School-Related Professional Communication: Skills for Effective Speaking & Listening

Seminar for SRPs

01/22/2019   Pearl River

School-related professionals are required to master many skills. In this seminar, participants will learn to: identify the roles of an effective communicator; practice active listening skills that promote group collaboration, support and trust; recognize ways in which information is communicated non-verbally; and practice supporting skills for overcoming resistances.  (3 hours)

SRP’s Impact on the Learning Environment      

Seminar for SRPs

02/13/2019   Tarrytown

03/05/2019   Pearl River  

This seminar will explore the relationships between administrators, educators, students, and para-professionals. The seminar will focus on the crucial skills needed to create a safe, welcoming learning environment and will highlight the impact para-professionals have in establishing the learning environment from the time students board the school bus in the morning until the time they are returned home at the end of the day.  (3 hours)

Strategies for Struggling Readers

Seminar for SRPs

04/10/2019   Tarrytown

Participants will become familiar with phonemic awareness, phonics, alphabetic recognition, and the role of the read-aloud. This seminar will focus on strategies and techniques to help students become successful readers. (3 hours)

Supporting Students with Autism                                             

Seminar for SRPs

04/09/2019   Tarrytown

04/10/2019   Pearl River

Ending the achievement gap between students with and without disabilities requires addressing the essential factors that can influence their success. This three-hour training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).  Attention will be given to how these features manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within educational settings.  The seminar provides evidence-based, pro-active strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASDs succeed in schools today. (3 hours)

The IEP: Supporting Student Instruction

Seminar for SRPs 

01/22/2019   Newburgh

01/23/2019   Tarrytown

Being a school-related professional today requires many skills to become an integral part of school-wide success. In this seminar, participants will become familiar with the special education process, terms/concepts, and learn what is in an IEP and how it impacts an SRP’s role in supporting student instruction. (2 hours)

Trauma Awareness in Education: Supporting Resiliency and Preventing Conflict

Seminar for SRPs

01/15/2019   Newburgh

03/20/2019  Tarrytown

Increasingly our students experience exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events, such as child abuse, neglect, and exposure to domestic violence. This experience directly affects their social and emotional development and negatively impacts their behavior and academic growth in school. It is becoming more common that educators are faced with the challenges of connecting with and educating students who have endured complex trauma. Often the hurt that is felt by the student is placed on the educator and it can manifest in a variety of ways. This seminar will engage participants in understanding the roots of trauma, its prevalence and causes, the characteristics and associated behaviors, as well as learning how to work with traumatized students in a proactive and positive way.

Understanding Diversity: How Our Schools Are Changing

Seminar for SRPs 

01/15/2019   Pearl River    

This seminar is designed to help educate students who will be living in a world of diverse communities. It will promote awareness of global differences while identifying shared values. It encourages the understanding of one’s own culture as the doorway to understanding other cultures. (2 hours)