2022 Spring Seminars

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*All virtual seminars will begin at 4:30 PM.

* Please note: Virtual Seminars are the traditional seminars we have been offering during the Pandemic.  We are now also offering Online Seminars where Participants have thirty (30) days from the day access is granted to complete and upload all the assignments.  An experienced instructor will provide feedback and coaching.  At the end of the thirty days, participants who successfully complete the requirements will receive a grade of Pass and a certificate of completion.  If not, a grade of Fail will be entered.  Please be mindful when registering, which seminar you are registering for.

Accelerate Learning Through Embedded Assessment with Digital Tools

Virtual Seminar for Teachers


This virtual workshop will explore how digital tools can be used to facilitate embedded assessment practice that empower the learner and accelerate the learning process.  Participants will reflect on their own instructional goals and set standards-based learning targets.  The workshop will then investigate best practices for pairing the “right” instructional technology with these targets in a variety of learning contexts.  Strategies will also be presented for using technology to establish classroom routines that will help promote student engagement and goal setting.  Assessment can be a valuable mode of communication in the classroom community and this workshop will demonstrate how digital tools can be used to effectively design relevant, embedded formative assessments that provide meaningful feedback to both teachers and students.  (3 hours)   


Advocating for English Language Learners within the Scope of State and Federal Law 

Online Seminar for Teachers   

02/07/2022 – 03/09/2022   

In an ever-shifting political and regulatory environment, teachers have more responsibility than ever before to not only teach but advocate for ELLs and their families. This seminar will familiarize participants with laws and regulations regarding ENL education both historically and in the present day, as well as those laws and regulations that are germane to many ELLs and their families, including but not limited to issues related to immigration and civil rights. Furthermore, participants will learn of support services available to ELLs and best practices in advocacy.  (5 hours)


Culturally Responsive Classrooms 

Online Seminar for Teachers

03/07/2022 – 04/06/2022  

In order to meet the needs our diverse student population, educators must possess the mindset and skills needed to foster a positive learning environment for all students as it is critical to their academic success. Culturally responsive instructional practices honor and support this diversity, connecting learning to students’ cultural and linguistic background while building on prior experiences. As a result, educators create an inclusive environment that is accessible and relatable to all students. In this seminar, participants will learn how to build on their current practices to create a culturally responsive classroom for their students. The goal of culturally responsive teaching is to instruct in a way that ensures engage in cognitively demanding tasks that foster independent learning by increasing student engagement and strengths-based mindset.  (5 hours)   


Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment 

Virtual Seminar for SRPs 


This seminar will offer strategies for dealing with students who exhibit chronic and extreme misbehavior, including violence. Participants will learn what motivates students to misbehave, intervention techniques to use at the moment of misbehavior; how to avoid and defuse confrontations, and ways to reinforce desirable behavior. (3 hours)


Educating for Equity

Online Seminar for Teachers

03/07/2022 – 04/06/2022    

An equitable educational setting is not something that we create and then it is done. Rather than a single destination, equity is derived from the conscious actions we take every day. Every choice we make is a decision on how we will include our students and honor their identities in our daily practices. This seminar will assist participants to identify inequities in schools and examine ways in which educators can move beyond the comfort of what they have always done in the effort to create a more culturally affirming and culturally responsive environment that fulfills the promise of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  (5 hours)


Healing Circles


Virtual Seminar for Teachers and SRPs

This seminar provides an overview of Healing Circles. Healing Circles create a safe space to acknowledge the impact of Covid-19 on the school community and for expressing emotions and concerns; to access the healing effects of connecting with others to deal with the impact on their lives. Teachers, staff and students will need time to transition back to school. To be at their best, educators need time to debrief, express their concerns on everything from personal and student safety to instructional practice, and acknowledge their own feelings of grief.
Healing circles are built on a foundation of kindness and respect. Circle participants listen with compassion and understanding and hold all stories shared in the circle in confidence. All participants speak with intention and have an equal voice. (2 hours)


How Can We Help Our Youth After a Traumatic Event?

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
01/20/2022                                                                                                                          Who needs more support? Which of our youth face the greatest risk of mental illness? How can educator’s influence children’s experiences after traumatic events to promote wellness (over mental illness)? This seminar will help educators identify the risk factors for developing mental illness following a crisis event and how to investigate evidence-based practices for promoting student healing. (3 hours)

Inclusive Classrooms for Newcomer ELLs

Online Seminar for Teachers
04/04/2022 – 05/04/2022                                                                                            Newcomer ELLs are recently-arrived immigrants representative of a range of languages, cultures, school experiences, literacy skills, and immigration circumstances. While they face myriad challenges to adapt and succeed in their new home and schools, they bring with them a world of culturally diverse experiences and knowledge. Guided by Eight Promising Practices, educators will learn ways to create a classroom environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, social-emotional well-being and development, models encouragement, support and resilience and engages newcomer ELLs with high-quality instruction.  (5 hours)

Infusing Diversity and Multiple Perspectives 

Virtual Seminar for Teachers and SRPs
Modeling critical thinking skills and using culturally diverse materials help in developing multiple perspectives and in examining events or problems for different angles. (1 hour)

Knowledge of Content and Instructional Planning  

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
Participants will discuss ways they make connections within/among disciplines. (1 hour)

Looking at Student Work 

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
In this session, teachers will closely examine student work samples for patterns and trends among their assessment practice. (1 hour)

Meet Individual Needs

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
Participants will discuss how to create a culture of learning, utilizing multiple methods to meet individual student needs. (1 hour)

New Day, New Direction: Managing Conflict Using Resolution Strategies  

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Conflicts are normal and unavoidable occurrences in our everyday lives. Most of these are minor and easily resolved. Participants will address the benefits and disadvantages of conflict, key factors to be considered in resolving conflicts, and strategies for managing and resolving conflicts. (3 hours)

Partnering for Professional Learning

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Partnering for Professional Learning, an SRP Mentoring program establishes the groundwork for effective mentoring with SRPs. The seminar helps mentors understand how adults learn and how individuals react to change. A variety of active listening skills, including acknowledging & attending, interpreting words & feelings, and the use of silence are introduced and practiced. This session also focuses on communication skills needed for effective interactions. The use of open-ended questions, as well as practice and application of the skills in planning, conferencing, and problem-solving are highlighted to enhance the ability of participants to support growth of the partner or mentee. (3 hours)

Planning for the Success of ELLs in Content Classes

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
This seminar provides the opportunity to examine research-based strategies and approaches that assist ELLs in meeting rigorous grade-level standards through a step-by-step breakdown of the lesson planning process that includes scaffolded language and content objectives.  Participants will experience a variety of motivating and engaging instructional strategies that can be strategically applied to lesson plans as a way to increase academic language production and content comprehension for ELLs.  (3 hours) 

Proactively Confronting Trauma in the Classroom & Other Learning Spaces

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Students are affected by their experiences and impacted by the situations and events that they witness. Exposure to trauma and traumatic events often create social, emotional and behavioral problems that can hinder academic progress. This seminar will provide School-Related Professionals (SRPs) with an understanding of how trauma affects students and offer an opportunity to develop strategies to support and promote school wide success. (3 hours)

Professionals in Education: Growth and Development

Virtual Seminar for Teachers
This seminar engages participants in delving into examining the Danielson or NYSUT rubric around professionalism, more specifically honing in on the effective and highly effective language around developing positive student and family relationships, student behavior, working with families and navigating the school environment as a whole. (3 hours)

Re-Imagining Family Engagement After Coronavirus

Virtual Seminar for SRPs 
This session encourages participants to assess family engagement efforts during the time of the COVID-19. To understand how and in what ways family engagement is linked to students’ learning and academic success. In addition, this program introduces high impact family engagement strategies that can be implemented and leveraged for student learning when schools reopen. (3 hours)

Time Management

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
During this seminar participants will examine time wasters and learn to plan effectively. Time is given for effective paper management and meeting tips. Participants will also share ideas for effective classroom time management. This seminar enables participants to examine their philosophy regarding time and use of time. (3 hours)

Translating IEP Goals into Classroom Accommodations

Online Seminar for Teachers 
04/04/2022 – 05/04/2022 
Education in NY state has shifted to become progressively more inclusive for students thus requiring more collaboration between educators. Classroom teachers are faced with a wider array of abilities and proficiency levels in the classroom and are asked to differentiate curriculum to best meet the needs of all students. As the number of students with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) in the classroom has increased, so has the expectation that classroom teachers will help students to meet IEP goals while maintaining a rigorous standards-based curriculum. This online seminar will offer accommodations that remove barriers and provide equal access to learning for all students with special needs in the general classroom setting including English language learners with IEPs.

Working as a Collaborative Team

Virtual Seminar for SRPs 
The responsibilities of school-related professionals have increased for student learning, yet SRPs are often left out of the educational process, including participation on the instructional team planning process. This seminar will help participants overcome barriers to full participation on the team and learn to use positive strategies to achieve effective communication with their team members. (3 hours)

Workplace Bullying

Virtual Seminar for SRPs
Workplace bullying is pervasive in the United States and is especially so in school settings, where employees report being bullied at nearly three times the national average. Bullying behavior may take many forms, including threats and even physical violence, and has a devastating effect on worker well-being and quality of life. In this seminar, participants will learn how to recognize bullying behavior in the school workplace setting and practice strategies to stop and prevent it. Also covered will be a range of individual, union and institutional strategies for addressing the problem. (3 hours)