2021 Spring Seminars

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*All seminars will begin at 4:30 PM.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Adjusting the Educational Image 

Seminar for Teachers


Ending the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers requires addressing the essential factors that can influence their success.  This is a three-hour training that provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), including Asperger’s Disorder.  Attention will be given to how these disorders manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within education settings.  The seminar goes beyond the core features of the disorder and covers evidence-based proactive strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASDs succeed in school.  This seminar fulfills the state requirements for the three-hour Autism Training in the Needs of Children with Autism pursuant to Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law and Subpart 57-3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  Please note: it cannot be claimed for CTLE hours(3 hours) 


Crafting a Learning Community for Classroom and Virtual Discussions

Seminar for Teachers  


Effective and powerful classroom/virtual discussions do not just occur; they require a learning community that fosters their development.  The use of different types of norms, selected scaffolds, and knowledge of the stages and continuum of classroom discussion are explored.  (3 hours)


Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Students 

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs


This seminar encourages discussions and provides a deeper awareness of the supports needed for LGBTQ Students to thrive.  We will review national statistics from GLSEN’s National School Climate Survey, share resources and tools for creating an inclusive School environment, and focus on how educators can create classrooms free of bullying and harassment for LGBTQ students.  (4 hours)    


Digital Learning Resources for In-person, Hybrid, and Distance Learning Models 

Seminar for Teachers 


This virtual seminar provides practical tips and tricks that allow you to use tech tools you already have access to.  Utilizing these digital learning resources means you will work in a more effective and efficient manner saving your most precious resource-time-while also thoroughly engaging your students.  (3 hours)


Dignity Act: Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention & Intervention 

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs



The Dignity Act maintains that it is the policy of the State of New York to afford all students in public schools an environment free of discrimination and harassment (Education Law 10).  This interactive and discussion-based program examines harassment, discrimination and bullying as it relates to, but is not limited to, those acts based on a person’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, gender or sex.  Participants will engage in authentic conversations and reflections about harassment, discrimination and bullying as well as explore the impact of social constructs in their personal and professional lives.  This training fulfills the state requirements for six clock hours of coursework or training in the Dignity Act in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education LawThe Dignity Act training does not count towards CTLE hours.  (6 hours)


Ensuring Equity


Seminar for Teachers and SRPs 

Ensures all students are treated equitably.  In this conversation, educators will explore how to identify what their students, as individuals and as a collective, need at this time, in this setting.  (1 hour)


How Can We Help Our Youth After a Traumatic Event?

Seminar for Teachers
Who needs more support?  Which of our youth face the greatest risk of mental illness?  How can educator’s influence children’s experiences after traumatic events to promote wellness (over mental illness)?  This seminar will help educators identify the risk factors for developing mental illness following a crisis event and how to investigate evidence-based practices for promoting student healing.  (3 hours)

Increasing Comprehension of ELLs for SRPs

Seminar for SRPs
This seminar will familiarize participants with who our English language learners are and the challenges that they face as they acquire a new language.  Participants will have the opportunity to examine how critical culture is and its impact on an English learner’s identity as well as explore strategies for making information more comprehensible and accessible to ELLs.  (3 hours)

Purposeful Use of Instructional Technology 

Seminar for Teachers
The power of instructional technology resides not in any particular application, website, or device, but in how teachers employ these tools to advance student learning.  In this seminar, you will explore K-12 appropriate models demonstrating when and how to strategically plan for technology in any scenario (e.g. in-person, hybrid, remote learning, etc.), as well as standards-based best practices for fundamentally redesigning instruction using technology across the curriculum.  (3 hours)

Real Life Challenges for Real Life School Professionals 

Seminar for SRPs (with 5 years or less experience in the classroom)
Bus drivers, hall monitors, secretaries, teacher aides/ assistants, cafeteria workers, and school nurses all have encounters with students and other professionals that sometimes need to be handled with care and consideration to avoid escalating a situation.  Participants will engage in activities that are based on scenarios specific to their role in the school.  Appropriate potential actions will be discussed and shared among the stakeholders to ensure an effective and productive resolution.  Time will be given to reflect on past experiences and discuss effective strategies for the future.  Next steps will be discussed as a means of moving forward.  (2 hours)

Real Life Virtual & Classroom Challenges: Strategies for Success 

Seminar for Teachers (New Member)
This seminar is designed for the new member who is working to create a classroom/virtual environment that is positive and productive.  Participants will explore the potential challenges faced by educators and strategies to address them.  Scenarios and strategies will be used to introduce techniques that will lead to a positive working relationship between teachers, students, and families.  The seminar’s interactive activities will model how these techniques can be implemented in a teacher’s practice.  The content will be mindful of the diverse learners and backgrounds present in a classroom.  Participants will have an opportunity to prepare next steps needed to introduce effective approaches to establishing and maintaining a proactive teaching practice.  (2 hours)

Re-Imagining Family Engagement After Coronavirus

Seminar for Teachers
This session encourages participants to assess family engagement efforts during the time of COVID-19.  To understand how and in what ways family engagement is linked to students’ learning and academic success.  In addition, this program introduces high impact family engagement strategies that can be implemented and leveraged for student learning when schools reopen.  (4 hours)

Service with a Smile: Why Customer Service in Schools Matters 

Seminar for SRPs (with 5 years or less experience in the classroom)
This seminar is for participants who desire to explore the characteristics of quality customer service within their educational environment (virtually or site-based).  Strategies will be shared to incorporate strong customer skills into participant’s daily practice.  Examples will be shared of positive outcomes resulting from creating welcoming atmospheres in school districts.  Attention will be paid to what can be done on a personal level to promote service with a smile based on various roles in the school district.  Participants will engage in conversations and create scenarios that will help develop specific strategies that can be implemented immediately.  (2 hours)

Supporting and Sustaining the Social-Emotional Needs of English Learners Who Experience Trauma

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs
This seminar, designed for all educators who work with English language learners (ELLs), will address the multitude of trauma that many ELLs have experienced prior to and since their arrival to the US.  Immigration, under the best of circumstances, involves separation, loss and challenges to one’s identity.  Participants will leave this seminar with strategies to help students who have experienced trauma, tools to support ELLs’ social and emotional healing, growth and well-being, and ways to build trusting relationships with this fragile cohort.  (3 hours)

Trauma and Resilience  

Seminar for Teachers and SRPs
This introductory seminar provides a forum for educators to discuss what we mean by “trauma” and how toxic stress impact development and learning.  This session will provide information to help educators learn how to boost students’ resilience.  (3 hours) 

Workplace Wellness

Seminar for Teachers (New Member)
Why are educators at risk for vicarious (secondary) trauma?  This seminar will engage participants to discuss the unique challenges to wellness found in the education field and understand and practice effective strategies for wellness.  (2 hours)